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All About the German Shepherd Breed!

Are you looking to add a barking, four-legged pet to your family but you’re not sure what breed to get? Those are just a few of many questions you would need to ask yourself. Would you prefer a smaller dog breed versus a larger dog breed? Would you want a dog breed more suitable for an apartment or out on a farm? Would you like your new best friend to be athletic and energetic, or do you prefer a more laid back, quiet breed? Whatever the question there is no better way to find your answer than by doing some research! Today, we’re giving you a little information on my particular favorite dog breed; the German Shepherd!

The German Shepherd Dog, also abbreviated and referred to as GSD, comes in many different colors. Their coat colors consist of black/tan, black, white, blue, and black/red. Aside from coat colors there are three different types of coats to be found: the double coat, the plush coat, and the long-haired coat. German Shepherds don’t need to be bathed very often, but boy can they shed! It is best to brush their coat daily. German Shepherd’s are considered a large breed dog and can weigh anywhere from 60-100 lbs. Because of it’s size the German Shepherd is more at risk to suffer hip and/or elbow dysplasia in their senior years. The life span of a German Shepherd is on average around 9-13 years old. German Shepherds are highly active dogs and have a lot of energy. They are considered “working” dogs and do best when they have something to do! They are a very smart and curious breed, which makes them excellent guard dogs. They tend to be suspicious of strangers and can become over-protective of their family and territory. This is why it is best to socialize your German Shepherd as a puppy to the many different types of people, animals, and other things it may encounter in the world. However, they do have a great disposition with other animals and would most likely get along well with a dog or cat that you already have.

They are a well-built, intelligent and eager breed which is also hard-working, loyal and if trained properly, obedient. It is important that you receive your German Shepherd from a well-known, responsible breeder because the breed is also predisposed to cancers like Hemangiosarcomas and Osteosarcomas, and can be prone to gastric and heart disorders. While most of these ailments are minor we strongly recommend getting them health checked to ensure you are getting a healthy German Shepherd. Remember to always get your pets spayed or neutered before the age of six months! Doing this before they’re six months old can help with some  behavioral and medical problems. To learn more about the German Shepherd breed visit:  German Shepherd Dog Breed Information – American Kennel Club

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