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Internal medicine is detecting, diagnosing the cause, and treating illness. At the Community Veterinary Clinic, we’re good at it!

Excellence in Internal Medicine requires vigilance, as veterinary care is progressing as quickly as human medicine. In fact, most of the advanced drugs we use at Community Veterinary Clinic are human medications. Our medical staff prides themselves in what they know and what they can do both diagnostically to determine what is wrong with your pet, and instituting a treatment plan that is effective, safe, and affordable.

We hear Dr. Current tell clients “if you will work with me step by step, we can get to the bottom of any problem.”

This is why our doctors became veterinarians – caring for sick pets.

Having a sick pet is worrisome, frustrating, even scary. We understand and will let you know clearly what we believe is the problem, what needs to be done to know for sure, what to expect for recovery, and give a clear explanation of the cost involved.

Our office is designed to care for pets in the hospital. Comfort, the best in diagnostics and treatments, and our experienced, knowledgeable staff give your pet what he needs to recover quickly to be back home.

Experience, Knowledge, Trust, Peace of Mind