>>Four Tips for A Successful Appointment

Four Tips for A Successful Appointment

Visiting Community Veterinary Clinic doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Taking certain steps before your appointment is a great way to take the best care of your pet. Follow these simple steps to help your pets get the most out of their visit.

Pack a bag:

Bring something from home, like a toy or blanket, on your trip here. Familiar scents and items can help your pet deal with the strange sights and sounds they encounter away from home. These familiar items are especially useful if your pet will be staying at the hospital overnight.

Get used to the carrier:

In the days leading up to the appointment, help your pet acclimate to their carrier. Use treats and meal times to encourage your pet to enter the carrier on their own. Leaving the carrier out with the door open can encourage our pets to explore and familiarize themselves with the carrier. On the day of the appointment, try to encourage your pet to enter the carrier on their own.

Practice at home:

Practice with your pet at home to mimic stimuli they will experience during their visit. Things like: touch and examine their feet and claws, lift their ears, and comb their fur. Use treats and toys to make this a rewarding experience for your pet. This kind of practice will help reduce the anxiety your pet feels when these same actions are performed during their visit.

Don’t overdo it:

Resist the urge to take your pet to other appointments or outings on the same day as a visit to the vet. Excessive time in the vehicle, or overloading new sights and sounds can be very stressful. Allowing our pets to rest and relax after a visit helps leave a positive impression in the pet’s mind for the next visit.

A trip to the doctor is a necessary part of helping our pets be as healthy as they can be. Obviously, nobody knows your pet as well as you do, if there is something we can do to help your pets enjoy their visit, please let us know!

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