Did you know?

The most common reason animals are euthanized in the United States is behavior problems.

We have doctors and staff who have a special interest in behavior specialties. They have studied under the most noted veterinary behaviorists in the country. They keep abreast of the latest techniques, advancements, and recommendations by attending annual continuing education seminars. They pride themselves not only in what they know, but how that knowledge can help your pet.

We schedule appointments for abnormal behavior concerning:

House Training
Inappropriate Urination
Use of Training Tools

You can schedule appointments with a personal coach – You, Your pet, the Coach – one time or regularly as needed.

We can help…

Most of the time our pet lives with us in our home, interacting in close proximity with us, our neighbors, our children. Even modest abnormalities in behavior, like urinating in the home, can be frustrating, while serious behavior issues, like anxiety or aggression, can be dangerous.

Behavior problems are often complex, and not just a single “trigger” that needs fixed. Genetics, health issues, dynamics with other pets or people in the home, and neurochemicals in the body all play a role in establishing your pet’s normal behavior. The bottom line is – if your pet’s behavior is abnormal, he is unhappy or unhealthy.

We’ve found that most behavior problems are “excused” by pet owners who often live with what must be considered “abnormal” behavior. Like none of us have perfect children, there are no perfect pets, but behavior that can be improved with a little effort, a little coaching, at a little cost is the best.

Please ask our receptionist about behavior appointments.