Vaccination of your pet, combined with a thorough physical examination by a doctor, is the most important measure you can take to ensure optimal health.

We generally immunize pets at least yearly, as research has shown that pets live longer healthier lives when examined by a veterinarian at least once per year.

In addition to being vaccinated for something like Rabies or Parvo virus, our doctors will examine your whole pet “from teeth to tail” to find hidden problems like infected teeth, skin or ear problems, even internal parasites, some of which you or your children can get!

At the Community Veterinary Clinic, we try to make pet vaccines affordable to anyone, since they, like human vaccines for Hepatitis, Diptheria, or the Mumps, have greatly reduced the incidence of deadly pet diseases. It’s heart rending and frustrating to see a client spend hundreds of dollars or have a beloved pet die from a disease that could have been prevented with a $22 vaccine or treated if caught early with a thorough physical exam.

Not all pets are at risk for the variety of diseases which can be vaccinated against. Based on your lifestyle and pet’s history, our doctors will recommend the best protection.

Puppy & Kitten Vaccination Schedule:

6-8 weeks old  |  10-12 weeks old  |  14-16 weeks old