Commitment to Provide Our Best To You!

Veterinary Medical care, like human medical care, is technically sophisticated, quickly changing, and voluminous in scope. In short, there is a lot to learn.

Our doctors and healthcare team members are committed to giving you the most up to date care. This includes information on care, medicines, ways to diagnose, and treatment options for our patients.

All the medical staff attend continuing education meetings during the year, where nationally recognized experts in their field teach on quality care.

The doctors have traveled from New York to California to be trained or updated on procedures like echocardiography and theriogenology treatment options.

Dr. Current is adamant about our team being knowledgeable and proficient in everything from routine care to sophisticated procedures. Most of our clients are surprised that we close our offices one day each month, so all the team members can meet together for staff training. We cover a range of topics, from why we chose and administer certain components in our puppy vaccines, to how we diagnose, treat, and monitor adrenal gland disease.

At the Community Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves not just in what we know, but how we push ourselves to become more knowledgeable for your sake.