Plaque or tartar development is the most common cause of dental disorders in pets. Periodontal disease has been estimated to affect 90% of dogs and cats over 2 years of age, and it essentially starts with accumulation of dental plaque. The infection in your pet’s mouth will spread to the vital organs (kidneys, liver, and heart). Routine home care is the most efficient way to prevent accumulation of plaque. Routine dental care includes appropriate diet, dental chews, home care, and teeth cleanings with fluoride treatments. Our doctors effectively manage your pet’s dental health, prescribe antibiotics when needed for infection, use a high-tech ultrasonic scaler for routine teeth cleanings, and perform extractions during oral surgery.

The doctors and staff of Community Veterinary Clinic attend lectures and intensive dental classes to further our training. We promote pet oral health and disease prevention, and work closely with you and your pet for a positive outcome. We pride ourselves in providing a healthier quality of life for our patients.

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes of a dental cleaning?

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