The Beginnings

The Community Veterinary Clinic began in Sidney, in 1992 when Dr. Current moved back to the area, where his family is from.  The office location, in a vibrant and thriving area of northern Sidney, quickly grew as we focused on a high level of pet care with an emphasis on value.

An office in St. Paris was built and opened in 1994 to serve the semi-rural community where Dr. Current grew up and went to school. That office, though in a much smaller town, also grew quickly, as most veterinary services, surgeries, and treatments could be performed in that office.

In the ensuing years, as client and pet numbers increased, veterinary and paraprofessional staff were added.

In 2003, a large building expansion was completed at the Sidney location.  The new facility added the needed room for already present medical services, like surgery and intensive care. It also accommodated additional diagnostics, like state of the art ultrasound and echocardiography, as well as services, like pet behavior consultations and obedience classes.  Routine care and surgery were still done at both locations, but special procedures, tests, or intensive treatments would be referred to the Sidney hospital.


In 2008, our office opened in the beautiful community of Troy, and was an instant success.  With his medical experience and years of working in various locations, Dr. Current added elements to the Troy office that maximized esthetic beauty, and more importantly the level of care our patients have come to expect. From a specially designed treatment area, and patient wards maximizing comfort, to a beautiful surgery suite, the hospital continued a Community Veterinary tradition of excellence.

In 2010, Dr. Current purchased an existing practice in Piqua from a retiring veterinarian. The building was spacious and beautiful on the exterior, and the interior hospital facility was extensively remodeled and updated. The caring staff, Dr. Current’s zeal for delivering quality care, and our commitment to value have made the Piqua office our fastest growing, and most talked about hospital.

In 2017, the Dublin office was opened to serve this rapidly growing area. This community loves their pets! Thankfully, they have welcomed our commitment to care.

The offices at Community Veterinary Clinic compliment each other, are organized so you can visit any location seamlessly, and designed with you and your pet’s needs in mind.

Bigger isn’t always better, yet we feel our size has given us advantages in such things as the ability to have and offer higher quality diagnostic equipment, while providing these services and products at a great price.

As our practice and staff grow, the demands on Dr. Current, the other veterinarians, and staff members have also greatly increased, yet through careful management and oversight, we feel we have succeeded in making your pet’s family doctor readily accessible, meeting your expectations for compassion and personal care, all while becoming, with regard to general veterinary care, the best value in the area.