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Should You Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet?

Tired of litter clean ups, gritty floors, and those nasty odors? Well we may have just the right solution for you! Inspired by the movie, Meet the Parents, many cat owners are now opting to toilet train their cats! The first thing to know is that it takes time and dedication to train your cat to use the toilet and can sometimes take a few weeks to even a few months! Lucky for you Jo Lapidge created the Litter Kwitter to help make your cat’s transition from the litter box to the toilet easier on you and your furry loved one! Watch the demonstration video below to see if the Litter Kwitter is right for you!

Aside from the Litter Kwitter there are other ways to toilet train your cat. Here is a step by step method on how to toilet train your cat with only the basics! If your cat has somehow found another room in the house to use as a “toilet” you will need to eliminate the smell of urine or the problem will only get worse! You can purchase special formulated items to remove the smell of urine from most pet stores! Remember before you begin to toilet train your cat that it takes a lot of patience and time! Don’t get discouraged when your kitty has an accident keep your head up and stay diligent with her training and you’re sure to see a positive outcome!

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