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Experience, Safety, Results.

Whether routine elective surgery like a spay or neuter, or complicated orthopedic surgery like a cruciate ligament repair, we are good at what we do. Dr. Current stresses that Anesthesia is the most important thing we do in our hospital.

From the newest and safest human anesthetics, to high tech monitors for blood pressure or oxygenation rates, we understand the anxiety you feel when your pet needs to have surgery. That's why we work hard in training and implementation of anesthesia and surgery techniques that offer safety, quality, and value.

The hospital, surgery suites, and recovery wards are planned and utilized after a human hospital model. clients or veterinarians who visit will comment "I'm not used to seeing this."

Our goal is safe surgery, smooth recovery, and your pet quickly back home with you, usually the same day!

Come watch a surgery!

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